Avocado Seeds. Do you know you can eat them?

Avocado seeds are usually seen as a waste product of an awesome fruit. Do you know you can eat them as well?

Well, Im here to tell you YES you can actually eat avocado seeds. How cool is that. Infact they contain more nutritional benefits than most other fruits and veggies and the seed of the avocado is packed with more nutrition than the actual flesh that we love to eat in salads, on toast or with a zesty vinagrette.

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

Other health benefits of avocado seeds include lowering cholesterol, boosting your immune system and preventing heart disease. There are so many benifits to utilising the actual seed that you would be well advised to read another great blog about them right HERE.

Next time you absent mindedly go to throw out the avocado seed… THINK TWICE…

You can bake it in the oven, grind it to powder and add it to smoothies… get creative. Im inspired after finding this out… Im going to get creative too.

Until next Time, Ciao for Now :-)

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  1. vsvevg says:

    That’s cool, thanks for sharing and following vsvevg. paz, Abby

  2. leximckee says:

    I’ve just bought a couple of beautiful avocados… hmmm, what shall I do with the core of each, I wonder? Thanks for sharing – and thanks for following my poetry. I love it when people like you are kind enough to ‘like’ something I’ve written.

  3. fredhorstman says:

    This was great to find out about. To think about all the avocado seeds I have thrown out or planted makes me say “Damn”.

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